Week 30

Here it is- our final week. It was bitter-sweet. Our souls weren’t ready to be done, but our bodies were. There were tears of all different emotions. We couldn’t believe we did it. We never had to turn back, never had to quit, but had loads of fun, made tons of memories, and grew as a family over the past 6 months.

Thank you for reading our blog posts about the day to day life on the trail. We have lots of ideas for the future, but until then, we’re going to sleep and eat as much as we want!

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Week 29

Virginia is for lovers. It’s true! We love our home state! It’s not only beautiful, but it has wild apples and family and friends to visit! We’re getting so close, and as we get closer we’ve made a little trail family with some other thru hikers. Waynesboro was our last hotel stay- we just had to get in one last cheap hotel before we finished!


Week 28

Shenandoah National Park… my oh my are you beautiful!! This might have been our favorite section of the trail. So many views, fun terrain, and great shelters. Not to mention, our family had a baby just 30 mins out from the trail, so we got picked up to go visit the new nephew! We also saw our first bears- Sherpa saw 7 and I saw 1. It’s a little unsettling, but they mind their own business!

Week 27

Harper’s Ferry- the official half way point…. if you aren’t doing a modified flip flop! For us it was a significant place anyway because it marked our last state before our final state! We also had Sherpa’s folks join us to hike for a few days and whisk us away to go “glamping”.

We met “Grandpa” for the first time- he’s a trail legend! We also had another trail angel help us during a huge storm that put the town out of power for days. We are thankful for the support!

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Week 26

Week 26 was still in PA and FULL of trail magic! We even had a Hike it Baby branch come join us for a section, which was really fun. The only negative part about this week was Ellie got her first injury. Poor baby! We were letting her walk on some of the farm land trail through the corn fields of PA where the terrain was smooth, and she tripped and fell on her face and got a bloody nose. A couple of seriously sweet families hosted us this week. We were incredibly grateful because it rained a lot this week and it was So nice to be inside at night where Ellie could run around and play.


Week 25

New York was pretty wonderful- one of our favorite states! Week 25 we entered Pennsylvania. Which to our surprise wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be. It commonly gets referred to as “Rocksylvania”. Maybe we didn’t mind it so much since we had come first from Maine and NH.

Kanga’s mom came and took us on a trail vacation where we got to rest, sleep in a bed every night, and slack pack. It was glorious! We felt rejuvenated to keep pressing on after this restful week.

Week 24

This week was primarily New York- one of our most favorite states! The terrain was mostly nice with just a few isolated rocky sections, the views were nice, the people were nice, the creameries were nice… everything was just great about NY. There were playgrounds on the trail for playtime, lots of food options, and many recreational areas. It kind of felt touristy vs wilderness, which was a fun change of pace.