A story to tell.

We have this really cool friend who directs really cool films. Here is his latest work.



6 thoughts on “A story to tell.

  1. Hey there, we live in the Whites – my daughters have been hiking mountains on their own two feet since they were four and five years old. We think what you’re doing is cool – let us know when you reach NH. We know the Whites very well and would be happy to help. My older daughter has her own hiking blog now – http://www.alexinthewhitemountains.com. Contact us through there or email me at patriciaellisherr@hotmail.com.


    1. Will do! We are so curious about the Whites, so I am definitely going to be contacting you!


  2. Hi! I wish you all the best! We did a 260 miles section (about over 1 month) with our 8 month old over 30 days, 2 years ago and it was epic. (www.babyonthetrail.com)

    We did so much planning, I can appreciate how it is for you planning for the entire trail! You are amazing.

    The only thing I would do different really was to NOT attempt to go get our resupply box in town the 3 of us all the time, as it turned out to be the only times really where we felt that safety was being compromised (high traffic roads, sketchy rides, and not to mention, it is illegal to have a baby in a car without a car seat in most states except with taxis… which is expansive and hard to get in remote places). Contrary to popular believe, the trail does not actually cross more than 12 towns. Close by town is a very relative concept when you have to walk it.

    We used cloth diapers (flat cotton so easy to clean and fast air dry), except at night would use disposable for her comfort and prevent leaks. I am super glad we did that, I can’t imagine carrying 25 wet diapers in between trash bins! (http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/flat.html + https://www.amazon.com/Thirsties-Wrap-Snap-Meadow-Size/dp/B003AJXY1U/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1489183398&sr=8-1&keywords=thirsties&th=1. )

    happy trails!


    1. Hi Katie!

      Thank you for reaching out. I actually used your resources on the Trek as much as possible! I loved watching your video about your family hiking together for an extended amount of time.

      Your tip about resupply was fantastic. We have already decided that when a car seat isn’t available, we will just send one person into town and the other wait with the baby.

      We thought very seriously about using cloth on the trail (that’s what we use at home), but the thought of cleaning cloth diapers on the trail was more intimidating to me than carrying dirty disposable ones. I’m thoroughly impressed by you guys for using cloth! That’s really awesome!

      If you think of any other helpful tips, please send them our way! My direct email is ellieontheat@gmail.com



      1. Hi,
        We backpacked a bunch with our 10 month old last summer in the Rockies and we found that elimination communication was soooo oops helpful to deal with diapers. If you get to know her poop face and know times she will usually go pee (most often when babies wakes up and when you take her out of the carrier) you can hold her and let her pee/poop using pssspssspssss to encourage her to go. It dramatically cut down our diaper use (especially the poop you ones!!!!). And we often just kept her in underwear at camp because if there were accidents they are quicker to wash out and air dry than the cloth diapers. It saved us a ton of weight on the trail plus now she is day potty trained at 17 months!
        I’m looking forward to following your adventures, she is the perfect age and I’m sure you guys will have a great time and have so many stories to tell! Have fun!


  3. Potty Trained at 17 months?! This is AMAZING! We started elimination communication when Ellie was about 8 months old and it worked so well, but then when we moved we stopped doing it and never got back into it! Maybe the trail will be a good time to start back!
    Thanks for the encouragement and kind words!!Love hearing from other adventure families!


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