Day 3- The Divide!

Today we hiked up to the Eastern Continental Divide at 3,000 feet- the highest we’ve been on the AT yet! The views up at the top were phenomenal as we ridge walked for half the day. The rock features were incredible. It was really windy, but sunny and pleasant in the sun. 

Coming off the Ridge was steep and slow, but pastures greeted us along with the largest oak on the AT in the south- the Keffer Oak. 

We ascended from Route 42 up to Laurel Creek shelter for a 23 degree night! Chilly, but all 3 of us were super cozy in our tent and Ellie stayed toasty in her Patagonia Down Bunting! 12.5 miles all in a days work! 


5 thoughts on “Day 3- The Divide!

  1. Awesome! Safe travels. Enjoy!
    My husband and I just returned from TN, I hiked the half mile Clingmands Dome, would love to hike more… for now will travel the trails with your blog! I admire you and the family values. May God Bless and keep you safe!


  2. Danielle Pedersen April 10, 2017 — 2:41 am

    We are car camping across some of the west right now (April 2017) and are having trouble getting our 12month old to go to sleep at night and stay asleep. It’s cold out, between 35-45degress depending on he night, but he runs hot and his head and body and often limbs are warm when we check him so we don’t think he’s cold. Do you have any advice for tent sleeping with a 1yr old from the days you’ve spent on the AT so far?


  3. Cute baby


  4. Nice, have a fun, but try to capture that moment which make you a happy tears, while you crossed some year later, enjoy it


  5. lincolnlifesite May 7, 2017 — 7:06 am

    Reblogged this on Lincoln Life Blog.


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