Day 6- Hostels and showers

After a great morning at Symms Gap, we continued on easy Ridge line trail to Rice Fields Shelter, another bald along the Ridge. From there the trail descended to Pearisburg, VA. The descent really took a toll on Derrick’s knees! We arrived early afternoon at Cross Ave. where we were met with our first trail magic! Little Bear who thru hiked last year had food, snacks, drinks, supplies, and lots of encouragement! She loved Ellie and all three of us ate a spread of fresh fruit, veggies, and chicken nuggets! It was amazing! 

We said goodbye to Little Bear and went to our first Hostel- Angels Rest Hiker Haven. Here we were greeted by Booboo and Yogi(her dog) as Yogi ran and warmly greeted us! The hostel host, The Natural, also thru hiked last year and he was fun to talk to about all things natural! Both were great and fun company as we ate BBQ, salad, and ice cream together that evening. 

At the hostel we were able to take much needed showers, do laundry, and even borrow clothes while ours were in the wash! We had a private room with a big bed which was a nice change from our pads on the ground. Later in the evening, Boomstick joined us and told us tales of the early March snow storm in the Smokies. We loved our first hostel stay! 


2 thoughts on “Day 6- Hostels and showers

  1. Do you all have trail nicknames?? I love seeing the funny ones that you are writing about!


  2. I went to high school in Pearisburg. Great to see the area in pictures. I grew up in Newport VA. I remember as a young kids seeing AT hikers coming thru town. Good for you on the great family trip. Stay safe. GOD bless.


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