Week 2

Week 2

I discovered I’m not that great at thru hiking with a baby and keeping up a blog. I mean seriously. I’ve been receiving emails asking if we are okay or if we got off the trail for good. We haven’t had the time like we thought we would to do the thru hiking blog! But Derrick and I decided to fully commit to one blog post per week. We feel like that’s a lot more reasonable of a goal than 1 per day! Our goal is to be helpful for other families who are setting out to do their own adventures, so we definitely WANT to update the blog! So let’s go back… quite a way back… and highlight our adventure up to the current point!IMG_4399.JPG


This is the week our hiking legs started to set in. We felt more comfortable doing more miles and we were less sore. Some highlights this week have been:
1) reaching mile 100!
2) getting tons of rain
3) trail angels picking us up in Bland, VA to host us for an evening indoors
4) our first 15 mile long day
5) family visiting us on the trail to bring us a resupply
6) arriving at our first buffet in Adkins
7) a family rescued us off the trail in torrential rain and cold and hosted us for the evening! IMG_4388



Ellie has been adjusting to the new routine which goes a little something like this:

7 am- wake up. Ellie plays in the tent while dad cooks breakfast and mom starts to pack up things in the tent. We eat breakfast together, finish packing up and get on the trail by 8:30 am.

9 am- Ellie falls back asleep for a morning nap that lasts about an hour. Perfect timing for a break.

10 am- snack break and play break. Ellie usually eats her breakfast around this time. She nurses first thing when she wakes up in the morning(and a lot at night) so she’s not usually hungry when we eat.

10:30 am- back to hiking. Ellie stays awake, looks around, babbles, and we sing a lot of songs!

12 pm- lunch and a long break. Ellie likes to play with sticks, leaves, and dirt. If there’s a mud puddle close by, she’s claiming it!

1 pm- back in the pack to hike. Ellie will take an afternoon nap during this stretch for about 2 hours.

3 pm- Snack break and play break.

3:30 pm- back to hiking. Ellie stays awake and Derrick usually makes up an afternoon story.

4:30- another beak!

6:00 pm- We better be at camp or getting close to camp because Ellie’s just about done for the day and so are we! Derrick will set up the tent while Ellie and I cook dinner. Then we all snuggle in the tent together and prepare for the next day while Ellie crawls around the tent and plays with “toys”- aka the little pieces of gear!

8:00 pm- we’re usually all laying down to begin to go to sleep. Ellie will fall asleep first then Derrick and I will sometimes stay up talking or looking at the map. We’re all asleep by 9!


The days are getting longer as the our clocks moved forward. Another hour of sunlight makes a mighty big difference for hiking!IMG_4195


3 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. Was a little concern about you. Love the picture and your story. I do believe a blog a week will be more realistic, there is nothing easy about your adventure. Wishing you the best.


  2. Sounds amazing – what a great experience.


  3. Good luck and God bless!
    The couple that took you in, in Bland, looks like that was the Munsey’s..Ms. Munsey was my home economics teacher back in school 🙂
    What a feel good story-best wishes on your journey


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