Week 4


The week started great and rough at the same time. We hiked our longest day this week at 22 miles in order to get to amazing breakfast at Mountain Crossings hostel which was awesome! We felt super great and we just hiked a lot faster so Ellie wouldn’t have to stay in the pack any longer than usual. The problem was that this majorly affected my milk supply. My body wasn’t quite ready for the abrupt 5 mile increase and I produced no milk at bed time when Ellie wants it the most. I felt horrible and guilty for pushing myself too hard, but learned my lesson and won’t let than happen again. The next morning I still had no milk, but we ate a massive breakfast at the hostel and my supply returned. These are the things that we’re learning as we go along.


Speaking of sleeping, if you’re wondering how Ellie sleeps, she sleeps just as good with us in the tent as she did at home! Snuggled between mom and dad 🙂


Mile 300 greeted us this week! We ‘re averaging 100 miles every 8 days. From Virginia to Georgia we’re on a bit of a time crunch in order to make it to a wedding on time, and we’ll be able to take it slower starting in Maine.


Then came the most beautiful place so far on the AT- Roan Highlands. Nobody talks about this magnificent place! You can go there on a day hike, or go backpacking through the highlands. It’s miles of bald mountains with gorgeous 360 degree views surrounding you. We were blown away by the beauty.


Derrick’s sister and her family brought us our resupply and celebrated mile 300 with us! They brought us an Easter basket and dinner and we devoured it all like we hadn’t eaten in days!



1 thought on “Week 4

  1. I have the biggest smile on my face reading this. I am happy for you for having this wonderful experience and for me for being allowed to share it with you.

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