Week 5



This week started with Easter and a nero day (taking half or more of the day off from hiking). We woke up before the sun came up to hike to Beauty Spot to watch the sunrise. It was the most beautiful sunrise with fellow thru hikers to enjoy the view beside us. From here we went into Erwin, TN and rested. This was much needed! When we arrived at the Nolichucky Campground where we were staying, we were just going to eat one of our trail dinners for Easter since town was really far away. The campground host brought us a giant feast of every possible pot luck dish you can think of! Then to top the night off, Derrick’s sister coordinated with a friend to come pick us up and take us to town to get some resupply needs that we forgot. And she brought a car seat! That’s been one difficult part of the trail- town shuttles. We don’t feel comfortable having Ellie in the car without a car seat, so we are especially thankful when we can all 3 go into town together. Two major blessings on Easter this year!


As we were leaning Erwin we stopped by Uncle Johnny’s hostel- an AT classic. We weighed our packs here and mine was at 35 lbs. and Derrick’s was at 45 lbs. This was including water, food, and the baby 🙂


We raced from Erwin to Hot Springs, NC to get out of the rain. It rained a lot this spring. Plus we had lots of friends meeting us in Hot Springs and we were looking forward to seeing them! Mile 400 greeted us as we walked down the Main street of town. We were feeling good and ready to take a day off!



4 thoughts on “Week 5

  1. Still smiling, thank you..


  2. so happy to be reading about your adventures again!


  3. Really enjoy falling you ! I did McAfee last week, can’t imagine doing what you are doing !


  4. Great post and wonderful photos!


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