Week 7


500 miles at the beginning of this week! Here were the highlights of the week:

1) Rain
2) More rain
3) Fontana Dam… in the rain
4) Our friend, Kelli, rescuing us from the NOC when there were no rooms available
5) Our other friend, Will, rescuing us from Franklin, NC when there was more rain
6) Our last zero day
7) Our fastest 100 miles- 7 days! 600 miles by the end of this week!


The terrain has significantly gotten easier… or our hiking legs are in full force. Either way, it feels easier!


Dealing with so much rain has been extremely difficult with Ellie. We don’t stop at shelters due to the norovirus, and it’s no fun sitting in the rain. The solution? Putting up the tent at every break! It’s actually worked really well. She gets to crawl around in the tent, we get to relax out of the rain for a bit, and our tent takes less than 5 minutes to set up and take down. I’d say it’s a win!



4 thoughts on “Week 7

  1. You post are also a winner, I am sitting in John Day, Oregon enjoying every mile.


  2. Wow for the 600 miles!! Congratulations!! 😀


  3. Absolutely impressive guys, life stops when you have a baby – they say, but not for you both! Love it!!!!


  4. This is great, I just started following along! Could you share what kind of tent that is?


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