Week 14


100 miles over 10 days… we thought the 100 mile wilderness would never end! The views were spectacular, the bugs were hungry for blood, the lakes were breathtaking, the rocks were unbearable, the SoBo hikers are super fun, and the trail is kicking our butts. For the first time in over 800 miles, we’re wondering what the heck we’re doing out here- and it has(mostly) nothing to do with Ellie!

The terrain is incredibly remote and difficult with little trail maintenance, the storms are ferocious when they come in off the lakes, and the bugs are eating us alive. We had to sit down and have the conversation, “What are we doing out here?!” We decided we’re going to take it just one town at a time. For now, we’re in Monson relaxing at Shaw’s Hiker Hostel (amazing hostel run by an amazing family!). We’ll relax, get rejuvenated, then head back out for a few days until we hit the next time. If we keep telling ourselves it’s just a lot of short little trips, it might seem easier than thinking about the 1400 miles remaining!


1 thought on “Week 14

  1. I am loving LOVING reading about your trip. Amazing to attempt this with a baby/toddler! I am so impressed. I’m commenting on this one because I lived in Monson for three years when I was younger and we actually got our first dog from the Shaws! I loved that the trail passed right through town. I hope you enjoy the rest of your hike and wish you all the luck in the world at completing, I am certain you will!

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