Weeks 9-12


Once again, we’ve done another 1/3 of the AT before any new blog posts! It’s pretty difficult to find the time to blog, keep up with Ellie, relax, resupply, and save phone battery. Oh yeah, and fit about 15 miles of backpacking per day into that mix! Better late than never, right?!


Here we are, reminiscing on finishing 708 miles, eating a ton of ice cream, losing our trail legs, waiting for the trail to Katahdin to open so we can drive up and finish the other 2/3 of our thru hike! While we wait, we have the privilege of being a part of a family wedding and family graduation. So thankful the time aligned in this way.


We had to go to Grayson Highland State Park to finish a 35 mile section we skipped due to snow back in April. We hoped for amazing views and warm sun, but had buckets pouring on us all day instead with foggy clouds blocking all views. Thankfully we got to see some ponies though!IMG_4930


We sure do miss the trail and can’t wait to get back on, but doing a flip flop feels like 2 totally separate trips. We’re packing such different gear as we head to the remote and rugged terrain in Maine.  Excited and just a little nervous about New England!



1 thought on “Weeks 9-12

  1. Happy and excited to see you posting again❤️❤️❤️🥇🥇🥇👍


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