Week 23

Massachusetts and Connecticut just get kind of lumped together this week because they’re both so short. It felt nice to get 2 whole states done in such a short amount of time! Both states were slightly rocky, had some cute towns, and some really pretty views. These are some of the last “big” mountains we’ll see for a while. We’ve also entered tick territory and my oh my were they bad in CT. We had to do a necessary stop in Kent to treat our clothes with Permethrin. While we hate using the chemicals on our clothes, it’s a better solution than getting Lyme disease from these ridiculously tiny ticks that are so easy to overlook. Forget worrying about bears and moose, I’m most paranoid about the ticks!



1 thought on “Week 23

  1. Sometimes I wonder if I’m over reacting about ticks. They freak me out too! They’re just gross. I hope you made it out safely


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