Week 29

Virginia is for lovers. It’s true! We love our home state! It’s not only beautiful, but it has wild apples and family and friends to visit! We’re getting so close, and as we get closer we’ve made a little trail family with some other thru hikers. Waynesboro was our last hotel stay- we just had to get in one last cheap hotel before we finished!



2 thoughts on “Week 29

  1. Dear Ellie on the AT-

    I have loved following your adventure and am in awe of what you have done! I am an adventurous mama of three in Helena, MT, although our adventures have become much more local since our third came along. I also hiked a ton with babes on my back, cross country skied, traveled and lived abroad with our first, and continue to camp and hike and ski and bike with our three littles. Having hiked with a babe on my back, I am even more in awe or your adventure. I know how much easier it is to stay home. Thank you for this incredible inspiration to adventure more with children! I hope our paths cross someday!

    Anna Baker Woodworker and mama to Aven, Cedar and Ruby Helena, Montana Redtail18 on Instagram 🙂


  2. Hey, I nominated you for The Liebster award. You can check here for more https://jeannyitgirl.wordpress.com/2017/12/21/the-liebster-award/


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