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Get Your Kids Excited About Their New Sibling By Decorating The Nursery

When a bundle of joy is about to arrive in the household, you should start to prepare a nursery for the incoming baby. This should start by moving the toddler into a big kid’s room and start setting up a nursery for the new baby. This is also an exciting period for everyone and allowing your toddler to help you in selecting some of the new items for the nursery and the big kid’s room should be a starting point. Thus you have to consider the safety and the age appropriateness of the furniture while making these updates. This is where you have to incorporate the stick-on wallpaper and the essence of peel-and-stick nursery wallpapers.

Choose the wall color

Depending on the gender you can opt for traditional pink or light blue. You can as well choose a neutral color when you do not know whether the bay will be a boy or a girl. Colors considered gender-neutral include light sunshine yellow or mint green. You can as well involve your toddler in selecting the color by fronting few acceptable choices.

Pick the best theme.

Most parents prefer picking a theme for their child’s nursery room. You do not have to limit yourself as you can have a variety of concepts you choose from. They include focused designs such as elephants or strawberries. You can also go for themes like farm animals and flowers. It is, therefore, important you spend some time with the younger ones scrutinizing through various design magazines and favorite picture books for them to help you come up with the best ideas.

Consider the safety

Go through the room and decide on whether you need to make serious changes. Learn if you will be required to anchor any tall shelves or chests of drawers which could a threat. Make sure that the rugs are secured on the floor to prevent slips and tripping in the room. Make sure that the electrical outlets and covers are in place Ensure that the kid helps you so that you can identify areas that might be a source of risk in the room.

Decorate the ceiling

Since the ceiling is vast, it can be forgotten during the decoration process. You should remember that babies spend a lot of time lying on their backs and thus you should consider having the best peel and stick wallpaper that can excite the kid always. Seek assistance and suggestions from your toddler who will give the best option.

Ensure you choose the right furniture

The existing ones might be worn out due to the usage of the elder ones. It is considered a safety measure to have them changed. Some may require just some refining or repainting. The kid can assist you in actualizing these changes as you can work together making them excited while working together. In these instances, involve them in some simple errands that can make them busy and excited.

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