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Popular Types Of Baby Jewelry For Your Little One

There is no better feeling in the world than seeing the face of a newborn. To smell the soothing scent of the baby and to snuggle next to her soft skin-the feeling is incomparable! Even the simple joy of grazing into their wide eyes with joy and the plain fascination as they squeal with delight is memorable. We all want to treasure these fleeting moments forever. One of the ways to remember these times is by celebrating with precious baby jewelry, designed specifically for your favorite little one. This gorgeous keepsake comes in the form of necklaces, rings, baby bracelet, bangle, and baby jewelry sets, which are individually designed to suit baby’s comfort. Visit:

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Different Types Of Baby Jewelry:
Toddler jewelry can be simple to carry off with different outfits. It can be made of gold, silver, copper, brass, glass, plastics, and can be of several designs.

1. Baby Rings:
Baby rings are designed in a way to fit your baby’s fingers and are much slimmer than standard adult rings. The rings for baby girls come in a size of 0 or 1. But to prevent potential choking hazard, it is best to avoid the baby from wearing the ring. Instead, the ring can be put on display with other baby accessories or put over a gold chain to be worn by the baby’s mother.

The baby ring can also make a thoughtful gift and a perfect heirloom to pass down generations.

Gold Rings:

There are several styles of baby rings to select from! For instance, 14K gold can be an excellent choice for baby rings. You will also find rings made from other metals like white gold and silver.

The baby rings often come with a tiny birthstone gem or diamond chip set in them or no stones at all.

Personalized Name Engraved Rings:

For a personal touch, engrave a message about the baby, like her name or birth-date. There can be other rings engraved with other images or just plain.

Personalized Name Engraved Rings for babyPinItSource:
Besides, gifting a baby ring can remain a lifetime treasure for both parent and child.

2. Baby Bangles:
Baby bangles are a popular choice for tiny toddlers. As a result, a number of different designed baby bangles are available.

Gold Bangles:

One of the classic look to adorn the wrist of babies is with gold bangles. As gold is an auspicious metal, new-born babies can be gifted bangles right after birth. These gold bangles are ideal for both baby girls and boys.

It can also be one of the most special gifting options, also.

Gold Bangles for babyPinItSource:
Silver Bangles:

Silver is another metal to adorn a baby’s wrist. This element can also make a great gift for babies as they look lovely.

Silver Bangles for Baby-minPinItSource:
Name Engraved Bangles:

Personalizing the bangles with the baby’s names is another expressive method to etch the baby’s name. This can make a very special idea for new-born babies.

Name Engraved Bangles for babyPinItSource:
3. Baby Bracelets:
Baby bracelets can sit comfortably on baby’s wrists. You can find baby bracelets in several designs like beaded, pearly, chain, and flowery ones.

Beaded Bracelets:

The beaded bracelets are always worn in pairs and come in a set of two, to easily fit in the hands of the babies. The black beads are also used for protecting anything bad and for good luck.
Pearl Bracelets:

The most elegant bracelets for a baby girl are pearly ones. These pearls can come in white, gold, and pink colors. Pearl bracelets are perfect for baby girls.

Pearl Bracelets for babyPinItSource:
Flower Designed Bracelets:

Other popular bracelets for baby girls are the flower designed ones. These bracelets are made out of different metals like gold, silver, and platinum. They can make a stylish statement for all toddlers. You can personalize the flowers as per your personal taste.

Flower Designed Bracelets for babyPinItSource:
Chain Bracelets:

Chain bracelets come in chain form for simple wear. Babies can wear the chain bracelets with ease on a daily basis. These chain bracelets are lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear.

Chain Bracelets for babyPinItSource:
4. Baby Anklets:
Baby anklets are one of the most common traditional gifts for newly born infants since long. Or it is gifted when the baby starts learning to walk. There are both simple and fancy types of anklets available.

Jingle bell Anklets:

Silver anklets are also popularly designed for babies featuring dual rings which jingle when baby leg moves. This anklet is also known as jingle bell anklet and is often gifted to babies for good luck.

Jingle bell Anklets for babyPinItSource:
Slave Anklets:

Another unique design for baby anklet for girls is the slave anklet. The chain of this anklet falls till the middle finger of her foot. Some prefer to keep a small ring attached to the middle finger, also.

There are also chain type spiral designs featuring small diamonds and jingle at the ends. It makes a lovely cut design for the baby’s cute tiny feet.

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