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TEACH CHILDREN TO STAY SAFE THE FUN WAY with “Wash Our Hands” from Billy’s World Club

As the COVID 19 pandemic continues to impact the daily lives of people across the world, the importance of getting the key messages across is as important as ever – particularly to young children, who need to understand the basics of hygiene in a fun and engaging way. As with many things at this time, the answer can be found online and in particular through the Billy’s World Club YouTube channel. Aimed specifically at pre-schoolers, the channel provides educational songs, nursery rhymes and games for children to learn in a safe, fun online environment – all led by the colourful character Billy.




While the majority of the channel’s output features familiar songs, their latest release is an original work designed to help their audience understand how to wash their hands while keeping to the spirit of Billy and his friends. The result is ‘Wash Our Hands’ – a happy, infectious song that guides children step by step through the process, making a fun dance out of a serious task. The accompanying video, recorded during lock-down, combines fun characters with youngsters from the UK, Philippines and India with a clear visual message on how to keep themselves safe through good hygiene. As they prepare to return to school and the world at large, the message is more important than ever and with Billy to help, hopefully our children can learn in a joyful way.

Handwashing remains the No. 1 tip for protecting against the get spread around of Coronavirus (COVID-19). It’s good sense and it works. However, it must be achieved properly and with cleaning soap and normal water. When cleaning soap and water aren’t available, the next best option is to use an alcohol-based side sanitizer. Visit:

Path to increased health
Proper handwashing not only reduces the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), it can avoid the pass on of other viral conditions such as frigid and flu. Handwashing also reduces the chance of getting other easily multiply microbe infections, such SARS (severe acute respiratory symptoms) and MERS (Midsection East respiratory symptoms).

Handwashing requires five easy steps:
Wet: Put both the hands under clean, jogging water.
Lather: Apply a good amount of cleaning soap to the inside and backside of your hands plus your fingertips. Wash your hands for at least 20 a few moments (sing happy birthday) and don’t forget to clean under earrings and fingernails. Your fingertips are specially important as people often put their hands on their face, nostril, and eyes. This is one way the trojan spreads.
Scrub: Rub both hands together and move your fingertips around both hands. You don’t need a scrub brush. You don’t need to make harsh, scrubbing movements.
Rinse: Return both of your hands to the working water and carefully rinse away the cleaning soap.
Dry up: Completely dry this inflatable water from the hands. Using a disposable towel (paper towel) is most beneficial to avoid going out of germs on towels. Air dryers, commonly found in public bathrooms, are also effet

Handwashing each day is important, but even more important during an outbreak. Always remember to wash the hands in these circumstances:

After returning from a general population outing (supermarket, work, institution, concert, showing off activity, hospital, nursing home, etc.).
Before leaving the bathroom – both at home and in public areas bathrooms.
After shaking hands during flu season and trojan outbreaks.
Before, during, and after planning food, especially raw food.
Before consuming food.
Before and after looking after someone at home who’s unwell with symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea.
Before and after treating a trim or wound.
After changing diapers or clearing up a child who have used the toilet.
After blowing your nose area, coughing, or sneezing.
After touching an animal, animal feed, or animal waste.
After controlling pet food or family pet treats.
After touching garbage.
After gaining your shoes.
After using general population computers, touching general population dining tables and countertops, cash and cash, other people’s mobile phones, etc.

‘Wash Our Hands’ is available to stream and download from all the usual platforms.

Phil Udell June 2020

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