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Tips for creating a confirmation invitation that pays honor to your child

There are seven sacraments in the Catholic faith, and confirmation happens to be one of them. For this reason, confirmation is a significant event in the life of your child.  It will be the day your child receives the gifts of the Holy Spirit through the anointing of oils and imposition of hand by the bishop or priest. With that said, you might be having a confirmation event coming up, and the days only seem to be getting shorter.  Have you already prepared the confirmation invitation? Are you having trouble with creating a gorgeous invitation that will pay honor to your child? Well, we have some great tips to get you started.

The nature of the event

A confirmation invitation will definitely not look the same as a birthday invitation.  I am trying to basically say that there is more to event invitations than what you would think. If you have received first communion invites from close friends or family in the past, then the confirmation invite should be more or less similar. Think of the theme of the event as well as the nature of the event. The invite doesn’t really have to be flashy with all the bells and whistles. Something subtle would do.

The types of event invitations

The truth is the format of the event invitation will determine your recipients’ response rate and the impression they will have on your event. There is a type of invitation you can send out, and people don’t even notice until it’s too late. If you can really set aside some time and money, then a written invitation will definitely cut it. You can also opt for printed invitations to save on time. Furthermore, printed invitations tend to appear more exclusive than the handwritten ones.

The details to include in the invitation

The importance of an invite is to give all the required information to your attendees. When you answer all the relevant questions your guests might have in mind; it clears any confusion that might be lurking.  Here are the common details you might want to include in your invitation;

  • The title and description of the particular event
  • Name of the person invited
  • Name of the hosts and event organizers
  • Exact time and date the event will take place
  • Location and some clues on how to get there
  • The dress code
  • RSVP deadline

There a few other things that you can also include in the invite depending on the event. For instance, confirmation is a church event. So once it’s over, will there be a party afterward? It’s important to make this known to your guests.

How to word the invitation

Your choice of wording is supposed to reflect the formality of the event.  Therefore, if it’s a formal event, write in a formal manner. For instance, ‘’ with love and joy in our hearts we invite you to join us for the confirmation of our beloved daughter/son’’.  The best thing to do is to ensure the language you use matches the theme and nature of event.

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